Scholastic Book Fairs Push LGBTQ+ Books on Children. Protest Now.

May 21, 2024

With All My Heart I PROTEST in Reparation!

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Now at the popular Scholastic Book Fairs, America’s children can’t even read in peace!

You see, the American publishing company is promoting unthinkable pro-LGBTQ+ books targeting toddlers and young children!

Demand Scholastic Immediately Stop Promoting Perverse Books for Children!

Scholastic has been promoting such immoral literature for years through its popular book fairs.

However, in the past, there was an opt-out policy that allowed the school administrator to exclude the LGBTQ+ favorable category of books.

But now Scholastic has done away with this opt-out policy, and is forcing schools to either “go woke” or get nothing!

That is sickening!

Demand Scholastic Stop this Policy Immediately!

This is what the company had to say for itself:

“It is unsettling that the current divisive landscape in the U.S. is creating an environment that could deny any child access to books, or that teachers could be penalized for creating access to all stories for their students.”

In other words, Scholastic believes it is “unsettling” to imagine an America where the innocence of children is protected!

Now that is a truly unsettling thought!

Scholastic offers Llama Glamarama, which it describes as “the perfect Pride picture book for everyone.” This book is intended for children aged three to five.

Some other pro-LGBT books that they offer are:

Gay Club!; The Witch Boy; Rainbow Revolutionaries; and My Moms Love Me.

We need to protest this sickening policy and pressure Scholastic to protect the innocence of our children.

Please, will you:

Sign this petition, and demand Scholastic to Stop Targeting Young, Innocent Children!

With All My Heart I PROTEST in Reparation!

God love you and Mary be with you always!


Robert E. Ritchie
Director, America Needs Fatima