10 Years of Rosary Rallies in America

Beginning with 2,179 Public Square Rosary Rallies in 2007, each year the number kept on increasing ending the first decade with a total of 16,323 Rosary Rallies in 2016.

What seemed to be at first an impossible task has become a reality thanks to Our Blessed Mother’s help and the outpouring of devotion from Her children coming from all four corners of our vast nation.

In pages of this book, we present a very small selection of photos of Rosary Rallies from a variety of American cities.

The amount of participants for each rally will usually vary from one or two persons to one hundred. In some cases we have had Rosary Rallies of three and five hundred participants.

Perhaps you will see an image of your rally in the wonderful book? It is filled with devotion to Our Blessed Mother and her Rosary.