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American Needs Fatima actively fights blasphemy as an integral part of the Fatima mission. In May of 1930, Our Lord communicated to Sister Lucia that the reason for the Five Saturday devotion was to do reparation for blasphemies committed against the Immaculate Conception, against Our Lady’s virginity, Her divine Maternity, for instilling hatred in the hearts of children against the Mother of God and blasphemies against her sacred images.

Oppose Blasphemy in America:

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Help the conversion of America through our Daily Quotes program. America needs a spiritual upgrade and the Daily Quote program is a great wait to start.

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Learn about the many ways you can help support our mission to spread Our Lady's Fatima message across America; distribute rosaries, books and other devotional items; protest blasphemies; organize and hold monthly rosary rallies all across America.

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Saturday Night Live Promotes Sacrilege

Sign this Petition! Saturday Night Live Attacks Jesus, Mary, and Joseph with vulgar blasphemy!!! Mary is portrayed as a stripper, and Baby Jesus twerking.

Immaculate Conception Shrine Desecrated!

SIGN THIS PETITION! Pro-Abortion Blasphemies projected on the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.! PROTEST NOW!

Simon & Schuster… STOP the Blasphemy!

Protest the vile blasphemies against the Mother of God! This play portrays Our Lady fleeing the crucifixion and denying Jesus to be the Son of God. Oppose this blasphemy!


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Pray for America Pledge

As human efforts fail to solve America's key problems, we turn to God, through His Holy Mother, asking His urgent help! - Pledge to pray for America today!

Holy Souls Pledge

The souls in purgatory are suffering in a very real and painful way, a way we cannot fully comprehend. We have the ability to help them and relieve them by our prayers and actions.

Three Hail Marys Pledge

When you make the Three Hail Marys Pledge, you will be bringing “joy and delight” to your Heavenly Mother every day.

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May Rosary Rallies

Let us honor Our Lady of Fatima, sign up to become a Rosary Rally Captain on May 14th!

June Rosary Rallies

June belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, not homosexual pride! Sign up, become a Rosary Rally Captain on any weekend in June and show your devotion to His Most Sacred Heart!

July Rosary Rallies

Sign up to be a Rosary Rally Captain on July 9th to pray for America. Let us bring down the blessings from God on our beloved country!