The Three Fatima Seers

During the second apparition of June 13, when the children asked about going to heaven, Our Lady told them that Francisco and Jacinta would be going soon, while Lucia was to stay on earth a while.

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

“Perpetual” is not a word we use every day. So let’s familiarize ourselves with its meaning to better understand the power of this particular title of Our Lady.

Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saint Joseph was chosen by God as the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the protector of her honor, and guardian of Our Lord Himself.

The Sword of Saint Michael

When Saint Michael the Archangel cast Satan and his demons into Hell during the Great Battle in Heaven, the war did not end there.

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Meditation Booklet - Be Still and Know I Am God

Take this little book, step out of the daily humdrum, enter an adoration chapel in your area and spend fifteen minutes with Him who said, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Novena to Saint Joseph Booklet

Grow in your devotion to this most powerful saint. Pray your Novena and, at the same time, learn what was so special about this “silent saint.”

A Way of the Cross

A Way of the Cross by Plinio Correa de Oliveira, is a unique take on Our Lord’s Passion with direct application to our every-day lives.

Fatima: A Message More Urgent Than Ever

This book provides a powerful account of the wonderful events at Fatima, and the intriguing and subsequent messages to Sister Lucy.

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What Did Our Lady Say at Fatima?

Secret Witnesses of Fatima: Episode 3


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With Roe Undone, What Will America Look Like?

As the future of Roe v. Wade is coming to a close, we must think of the post-Roe America that approaches and employ the same strategies to change mentalities that made Roe possible.

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Unconventional Ashes: A Sign of Hope

The classical meditation of Ash Wednesday calls upon us to reflect on our mortality and sinfulness as we enter the penitential period of Lent.

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ANF Mailbox - What are people saying?

Letters from people from all walks of life on how America Needs Fatima has impacted their lives.