The Secret of the Rosary

In this first English edition of The Secret of the Rosary, we can listen to Saint Louis De Montfort drawing upon his own experience as well as the experiences of others, as he endeavors to bring home to the reader, “in a simple and straightforward manner”, as he himself tells us, the authentic message of the Rosary; namely, that it is a veritable school of Christian life.

He sees the Rosary as including essentially the meditation of the mysteries of the life, death and glory of Jesus and Mary, with a view not only to honoring but especially imitating their virtues as held up to our consideration in each mystery.

For Saint Louis de Montfort, the Rosary was not simply a method of prayer; it was his most effective tool and weapon in his apostolic work. Fittingly has the Church called him, “Extraordinary preacher of the Rosary.”

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