Rosary Promoter

Our Lady of Fatima asked us again and again to “Pray the Rosary.” We invite you to become one of Mary’s special children by joining the select group of Rosary Promoters.

A Rosary Promoter donates monthly to help promote the Rosary in America.

Your monthly Rosary Promoter contribution will be used for two purposes only:

  1. Purchase of Rosaries for distribution in America
  2. Expansion of the Public Square Rosary Crusade

Our Lady's Promises for those who promote the Holy Rosary:

  • You will not be conquered by misfortune…
  • You will not die without the Sacraments…
  • Mary will deliver you from Purgatory…
  • +12 More...

Your generous monthly donation will help us spread the Rosary across America.

  • $31.00 - distributes 35 rosaries each year
  • $65.00 - distributes 75 rosaries each year
  • $156.00 - distributes 200 rosaries each year
  • $697.00 - distributes 1000 rosaries each year

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Contributions are 100% tax-deductible. Please see our financial disclosure page for more information.

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