Holy Souls Pledge

November 01, 2020

The souls in purgatory are suffering in a very real and painful way, a way we cannot fully comprehend. We have the ability to help them and relieve them by our prayers and actions.


  1. They are our relatives – Many of us have blood relations—grandparents, aunts and uncles, and parents, brothers and sisters—who have died and are likely in purgatory. We should be praying for their souls out of love and compassion for them. But even if we have no dead relatives that we know of, the souls in purgatory are still our spiritual brothers and sisters. We are related by baptism in Christ, and this familial relationship should spur us to act on their behalf.
  2. You will probably go there – Let’s be honest, the best of us are simply not holy enough to bypass purgatory, and most us will experience its purifying fires. When you pray for the Holy Souls, they will pray for you and me when our time comes.
  3. It will bring you joy – Praying for the souls in purgatory is not without its rewards. Can you imagine the joy of meeting brothers and sisters in Christ one day in heaven and realizing that you helped them with your humble prayers?

Your pledge will be for continuous prayer, whatever you choose. It can be a simple Hail Mary every day for the souls or a full 5 decades of the Rosary. (We will email you some prayer suggestions after you submit your pledge)

List of names on the Registry will not be published for privacy reasons!