Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus

She is invoked and loved across the globe. She is loved for her gracious, spontaneous, and unpretentious style in recounting her simple life. She is loved for having covered the cross she received as a religious with flowers and caresses while consumed by an implacable illness. She is loved for the beneficial shower of roses she lets fall from Heaven over her innumerable devotees, fulfilling the promise she had made.

Everything about Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus is attractive and fascinating. Though her devotees know her, many understand her only imperfectly, and some even hold ideas of her which are in direct contradiction to historical reality. They perceive the radiance of her glory, but they do not penetrate the depths of her soul.

In these few pages of the book from Fr Raymond de Thomas of Saint-Laurent we will attempt to revive her true moral physiognomy. We wish to accentuate the sanctity of her life, which makes her a true sister of yesterday’s giants of virtue, the great Saint whom few know how to discover beneath her childish charms.