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Please Help José!


   Help José with a gift of a tank of gas so he can continue to take Our Lady and her message to homes across America! Sometimes these visits are the only way many families have to learn about the Rosary, hear the Fatima message and start on the path to conversion.

  José Ferraz is a dedicated family man, full of love for Our Lady. Under the patronage of his name saint, Saint Joseph, he has chosen to dedicate his life to spreading the Fatima message and increasing devotion to Mother Mary.

   When you donate a tank of gas you will become José’s long-distance traveling partner. You will be sharing in his mission and in the merit of his work and prayers.

   This man has given up much to make Our Lady of Fatima known – and loved! Will you please help him?

   By keeping José on the road, you will be helping him bring the Fatima message to many souls for the Fatima Centennial 2017!

  • Yes, I want to help support Fatima Custodians to stay on the road and to continue taking Our Lady's message of Fatima into homes across America.

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