Free Sacred Heart Devotional Set

The Sacred Heart Devotional Set is a dynamic duo!

The Set includes:

  • A folded prayer card detailing Jesus’s amazing promises to those who, having cleansed their souls in Confession, and properly disposed, receive Holy Communion on nine consecutive Fridays. The card also includes a moving prayer of reparation, and Jesus’ 12 promises for all who display an image of His Sacred Heart in their homes.
  • Two beautifully laminated Sacred Heart badges. The badges are hardy and sturdy like a small credit card for the wallet, and also perforated for hanging on a key chain, from the car mirror, or around the neck. As an EXTRA bonus, the Set includes an “I AM A CATHOLIC” card, also laminated with room for your personal info. You can place the card in your wallet or glove compartment for easy access. On the reverse of the card is a beautiful “Morning Offering” prayer.

Order the FREE Sacred Heart Devotional Set, you’ll be glad you did!

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