STOP IFC Film’s & Verhoeven’s BENEDETTA Christmas Movie

October 01, 2021

VIDEO BELOW: See our recent on-site protest of the film's preview showing in NYC

Both at the famous French Cannes Film Festival this past July and at the recent September New York Film Festival, major media staged a HUGE promotion for IFC Films’ December 3rd release of the movie: BENEDETTA. The release coincides with the Christmas season!

  • “One scene in the period drama sees a statue of the Virgin Mary being used as a sex toy, which wrote ‘results in just free blasphemy.’ ” ~
    • Director Verhoeven: “The use of sex toys does not appear in the book I based the movie off of, so why did we include it? To intensify the drama.” ~ The Jerusalem Post

REMEMBER “[Benedetta] Carlini never admitted she had engaged in sexual acts.” ~

  • It seems nothing more than a "She said — She said".

“I mean, of course we changed a little bit.”
Director Paul Verhoeven ~ PEOPLE.COM