Declaration of Fidelity...

January 01, 2017 the Church's unchangeable teaching on Marriage and to her uninterrupted Discipline!

Errors about marriage and family are spreading, even in Catholic circles.

Traditional Catholic teaching on the pillars of society must be reaffirmed for the spiritual wellbeing of our children and for future of civilization.

Once marriage and family are undermined, society crumbles.

That is why we’re promoting this worldwide Declaration of Fidelity petition drive among Catholics.

It expresses our enthusiastic and wholehearted fidelity to the Church’s unchangeable teachings on morals and on the Sacraments of Marriage, Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist.

Plus, to Her timeless and enduring discipline regarding those sacraments.

For example, all forms of cohabitation, more uxorio (as husband and wife) outside of a valid marriage, gravely contradict the will of God.