DEFEND The Immaculate Heart of Mary!

June 01, 2018

Help Us OPPOSE “Scumbag Virgin Mary”

  1. The internet hosting company Linode, out of Philadelphia, is hosting a blasphemous web page called SCUMBAG Virgin Mary memes.
  2. The memes on this page GRIEVOUSLY blaspheme The Immaculate Heart of Mary and by the very nature of a meme, these blasphemies are meant to be quickly spread throughout the whole world via the web.

Using the exact same beautiful and sweet image of The Immaculate Heart of Mary as does the above image, Linode allows the offending meme tool web page to also spread the following blasphemies:

  • Cheats On Husband…Creates A Whole Religion
  • Scumbag Not-So-Virgin Mary
  • If She Were Your Daughter…Would You Buy It?
  • If She Were Your Wife…Would You Buy It?
  • He was a lot older, in a position of enormous power.
  • I was not even 16.
  • #metoo
  • Mary Christmas
  • God is
  • My Baby Daddy.