Facebook Allows Vile & Impure Attack On Jesus

January 01, 2019

Dear Friend of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

It is simply outrageous and shocking that Facebook allows Jesus, Mary, and all of Christianity to be subjected to the vile blasphemies on their page “(expletive deleted) Jesus Christ and (expletive deleted) Christianity”.

In its Community Standards Facebook states (my emphasis – Ed.):

  • “We do not allow hate speech…”
  • “We define hate speech as a direct attack on people based on what we call protected characteristics — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation

The mere title of the page, “(expletive deleted) Jesus Christ and (expletive deleted) Christianity”, clearly indicates that the page mocks and blasphemes Jesus and Christianity.

The blasphemous name of the page is bad enough, but…it continues with a meme image on the page.

  • A picture of Our Lord Jesus Christ standing in a field with a man in front of him with wording indicating they are engaged in a vile and obscene sex act.

On top of that, Our Lady is also attacked

  • One prominent posting says: Happy Mother’s Day to the “Virgin” Mary, who cleverly avoided a public stoning and accidentally launched a religion.” – The evident implication being that Mary was not a virgin and the inference being that she was a fornicator.

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