Get Indignant: Blasphemous ‘Prayer Candles’

April 01, 2019

lluminidol's "prayer candles" are blasphemous!

Who could ever hate and disrespect Our Lord Jesus Christ and his holy mother, Mary.

Our Lord is goodness and Mary is the perfect reflection and creation of God.

Apparently, this company in Austin, Texas could care less. is selling blatantly blasphemy depictions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the faces replaced by immoral movie actors and actresses, pop singers, rappers, former strippers, pro-abortion and pro same-sex “marriage” politicians, animals, cartoon characters, known homosexuals, late night show hosts, and much more.

This is just HORRIBLE.

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Here are a few examples of different depictions on “prayer candles” from the company’s website:

  • David Bowie
  • Harambe (A gorilla)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (Pro-homosexual TV celebrity)
  • Rachael Maddow (Pro-homosexual TV celebrity)
  • Bruce Jenner (Pro-transgender activist)
  • Cardi B (Rapper and former stripper)
  • 21 Savage (Rapper)
  • Nicki Minaj (Rapper)
  • Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (Pro-abortion and pro-same-sex “marriage” politician)
  • Barrack Obama (Pro-abortion and pro-same-sex “marriage” former president)
  • Bill Gates (Pro-abortion business tycoon)
  • Members of the rock band “Kiss”
  • Stephen Colbert (Late night show host, producer of blasphemous cartoon show)
  • Sarah Silverman (Comedian who has blasphemed God as being sexually perverted)

There are over 850 “prayer candles” being sold on the company’s website. According to the site, the products are “reminiscent of the traditional 8" glass prayer candles with a satirical pastiche.”

Each candle’s description starts off with “Saint [insert celebrity]” and continues, “The most divine way to bless any [insert celebrity] disciple!”

This is a direct attack on the Catholic Faith. How dare they disfigure the images of Our Lord and Our Lady!

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