Internet Meme Says “Not So Virgin Mary”

March 01, 2021

The internet hosting company Linode, out of Philadelphia, is hosting, which, in turn, offers software to its members to quickly and easily ‘build’ memes [meems].

  • One such misguided channel is called SCUMBAG Virgin Mary memes and another is called NOT SO VIRGIN MARY.

BUT MUCH WORSE are the actual memes themselves that are being hosted.

With enormous reticence, I will show just one

Of the very least offensive memes… pictured above.


…uses a beautiful image of The Immaculate Heart of Mary

…or some other famous image of her

…and DEPRAVED TEXTS are superimposed:

  • Cheats On Husband…Creates A Whole Religion
  • Not-So-Virgin Mary
  • HAS PREMARITAL SEX – “God Impregnated Me”
  • GETS PREGNANT AT 14 – Comes Up With Best Excuse Ever
  • …there’s even pornographic text associated with some.

Another one has an image of ‘Mary’ with one hand clasped over her mouth in fearful surprise and the other hand holding a pregnancy strip showing ‘positive’. The superimposed text is:

  • OH, (expletive)! JOSEPH IS GONNA KILL ME…

No, Wait…I Can Fix This… (Mary’s implied desire to abort Jesus)