Jesus is being ATTACKED. Take action now!

September 01, 2019

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Here is what eBay has been offering customers for sale. Please forgive the disgusting descriptions below. (9/13/19: UPDATE: 7 of those 8 zombie crucifixes have now been sold with only the most expensive, and least grotesque, still available, as is the Zombie Baby Jesus.)

Ebay’s 8 Zombie Jesus Crucifixes

  • There is no doubt it’s sacrilegious since the artist has made sure to include the crown of thorns in each.
  • 2 of them feature Our Lord’s intestines ripped out and dangling from his side.
  • Others feature a seemingly SCREAMING, open-mouthed, despairing ‘Jesus’ with deformed, monstrous zombie teeth.
  • Many feature Jesus’ eyes prominent with blood-shot, EXAGERATEDLY LARGE bug-eyes surrounded in hollow eye-sockets.
  • A lot of ‘explosive’ painted blood on Our Lord’s 5 principal wounds.

Ebay’s Zombie Baby Jesus

  • A monster Baby Jesus, off the cross, with entrails hanging out, blood all over, horrible zombie facial expression much like described above, and crown of thorns.

I urge you to let your voice be heard in defense of Our Crucified Savior. Protest now!