Madonna & Child Defiled and Blasphemed!

January 01, 2021

I truly believe God expects us to protest this defilement of His Mother and Son.

eBay allows these sellers to use Andres Serrano’s sodden and blasphemous photo of the ‘Madonna & Child’ on the fronts and backs of auctioned T-shirts, …

…BUT, in the photo, Serrano has dunked the holy statue in a jar of his own body fluid!

Please Tell eBay To Stop The Auctioning
of the hateful, anti-Catholic Madonna & Child “dunked-in-body fluid” T-Shirts

eBay’s sellers have singled out holy Mary and the Christ-Child to make a buck!

They know perfectly well how much she is revered, loved, and respected by Catholics like you and me, and I say it’s time to speak up boldly and in great numbers!

The “so what”, and disrespectful attitude towards Jesus and Mary must STOP!

eBay will listen and take action if we get enough people to join us!

WE NEED 100,000 SIGNATURES. Please join me in this protest petition. It is important and essential that we remain reactive to these horrible blasphemies under pain of slowly slipping into inexcusable complacency…