Planned Disfigurement / Restoration Of Notre-Dame

June 01, 2019

(IMPORTANT UPDATE: you may have heard that on May 27 the French Senate voted to restore Notre Dame Cathedral to exactly as it was before the April 15 fire. HOWEVER: according to, “As the principal legislative body, the [French] National Assembly can overrule the Senate in the case of a disagreement as it has the final say.”)

SO YOU SEE, the National Assembly may still disfigure the restoration (see below) of the venerable cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. Our voice of opposition and discontent with such plans must be heard. Please Sign the respectful petition.


The Uplifting, Slender Spire Of Notre-Dame Cathedral Might Be
Replaced With A “Contemporary Architectural Gesture” Possibly
Such As “a hole with a kind of arrow inverted from below”


The Beautiful Ceiling Might Be Replaced With
A Glass Roof That Would Become
“transparent secular space”.

God Is Watching How We React. Please Sign The
Respectful Petition To French President Macron
Restore Notre-Dame EXACTLY As It Was!

The commotion produced all over the world by the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral and the crumbling of its spire has generated, in all countries, an enthusiastic impulse to see it restored.

I associate myself with the French who venerate Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as bequeathed to us through its nine centuries of history.

I respectfully ask the French government to forego its “contemporary architectural gesture” and have it restored identically as it was.

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