…and so IT BEGINS! NO BAN on church singing

August 01, 2020

Protest Now

The radical left now bans singing and chanting in church, and, as “deep calls unto deep”, they will try to spread this and similar devilish restrictions across our country wherever there is not enough reaction against them.

GOD, BEFORE MAN – Rescind the California Singing Ban! Please react for God.

There is absolutely no doubt that you and I, all of us, want to keep America safe and sound.

Our obedience to legitimate public authority and our constant campaigns, prayers, and involvements for the true common good prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

If you too see this ban on signing as an infringement upon the right to worship Almighty God, please help nip this in the bud.

Please Speak Out and Tell “practicing Catholic” California Governor Newsom: STOP The PERSECUTION – Allow singing in Church!

Ask California Governor Gavin Newsom to rescind his ban on singing in church.

Protest Now