Protest Disney’s Demonology & Witchcraft Series for Teenagers

April 01, 2020

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A new Disney teen-age series, The Owl House, focuses on a girl who discovers a ‘demon world’, where she learns demonology and witchcraft with a sorceress in order to become a witch!

The reports read: "According to Disney, 'The series follows self-assured teenage girl Luz, who discovers a portal to another realm where humans are not well-liked, and she must disguise herself in order to fit in at witch school.'

"Disney describes that realm as a 'Demon town,' where Luz takes up residence with Eda the Owl Lady, 'the most powerful witch on the Boiling Iles.'" (

And what the creators and artists say is much more disturbing:

..." 'When [creator Dana Terrance] first approached me, she said that "we're trying to make this demon realm a part of Disney," which is something I didn't think would happen,' [artist] Cometa said. 'We really wanted to make this demon realm feel like home, and just had to figure out how to do it.'

"The character designers were given the green light to create what they felt would work. ‘It’s a demon world, so we can do whatever we want,' Terrace said. The lore of the show is '70 percent made up' by the writers and artists Terrace said, with names of demons and witches thrown in to add depth. The writers room for the show is full of books on witchcraft, witches and spells to take inspiration from." ( [emphasis added]

The rise in demonology for children is truly shocking. It is bad enough that there are children’s books and school clubs that promote Satanism. Now the demonic is in one’s own living room, promoting occult ideas to impressionable children and breaking down the barriers of horror for the evil and horrendous.

Please sign our petition, telling Disney to cancel this dangerous series.

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