PROTEST the "Hail Satan?" Movie!!!

May 01, 2019

Protest Hollywood’s Overt Satanic Proselytism

The ‘Hail Satan?’ movie: A documentary movie about the rise of The Satanic Temple and its members, is a major piece of propaganda for Satanism in America. According to press reports, it depicts members of The Satanic Temple [TST] as “merry pranksters” who don’t even believe in Satan.

But in January, 2017, the Los Angeles chapter of TST had a grand opening celebration they billed as a ‘black mass’. An online press report gives some idea of the activities of The Satanic Temple.

  • Bloodletting rituals (cheek-through-cheek piercings, etc.)
  • Invocation and Destruction rituals

However, many prominent movie reviewers say this documentary shows the Satanists in a harmless light.

  • “Lane’s lighthearted approach will probably convert more than a few viewers to the TST cause”—
  • “To them [TST members], Satan doesn’t represent evil…Greaves and his disciples just want most people to think the Satanists have a point. Hail freedom!”
  • “…Hail Satan?, a witty and informative look… sympathizes with the “Satanists” …merry pranksters …counterbalance to the repressiveness of other organized religions.
  • “…a (highly persuasive) commercial for TST, one… you'd expect from a slick recruitment film.”
  • "…activist-prankster in-chief Lucien Greaves…they’re basically liberal humanists 2.0, but with more facial piercings, eyeliner and f-you attitude…”
  • “A brilliant film …”
  • “...Penny Lane debunks misrepresentations about the Satanic Temple…the group’s members, who are prone to public misunderstanding,…Leading the movement is affable and level-headed co-founder Lucien Greaves, …this thought-provoking film details the rise of a charming group of outsiders who challenge the murky, religion-tinted actions of U.S. political establishments.

Tell Hollywood & Magnolia Pictures that you say NO To the LIE Of their Hail Satan? movie.

God Always! Satan Never! We Want God!

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