Protest this ASSAULT ON MARY!!!

January 01, 2020

Help us tell the Posten Company “Never Again!”

Protest Now

We must act to defend the perpetual virginity of Mary Most Pure against this brutal attack.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but, according to press reports, the TV commercial…

“…is incredibly offensive to Christians as it not only denies Jesus’ divinity and the Virgin Birth, it implies that Mary was unfaithful to Joseph, willingly having sex with any man who knocked on her door. [emphasis added ~ Ed.]

As the postman bends down to deposit the scroll in a pot in front of the house, Mary opens the door. Their eyes meet, and Mary is shown to be smitten with the blond-haired mailman. [and he with Holy Mary ~ Ed.]

Nine months later, we see Mary and Joseph in a stable. Brown-haired Joseph looks lovingly at Mary and Jesus, who is shown to have blond hair just like the mailman’s.”

So basically, without explicitly stating it, the perverse commercial…

  1. …blasphemes Mary as committing adultery – casually promiscuous.
  2. …denies Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception & ever virginity.
  3. …mocks the historical fact of the Our Lord’s Incarnation.
  4. …denies and mocks the truth of the entire Christmas story

…Mother most pure! …Mother most chaste! …Mother inviolate! …Mother undefiled!

Protest Now