OPPOSE the Satanic Temple's "After School Satan Clubs"

April 01, 2022

Satanists Are Targeting America’s Grade School Children. Say NO!

Satanist are opening an “After School Satan Club” throughout the country.

This program:

  • Denies the existence of God, eternity, sin and the spiritual realm;
  • Promotes science and reason as the sole sources of truth, that is the denial of faith
  • Says children should have no fear of future punishment for sin or reward for virtue
  • is a direct affront to the 1st Commandment of the law of God.

Like the father of lies, the Satanists try to make evil look fun and good to children. And we cannot allow this to happen.

For Example:
check out this “fun and good” (and potentially quite effective) little 2 ½ minute ‘catechesis’ video they put together. And they say they don’t proselytize!

It’s an evilly catchy little tune and rhyming ditty.

You’d probably hear your own youngster humming or singing it unconsciously when they got home if they happened to hear it in the school’s hallway.

Please show your rejection of satanic programs by signing the “No After-School Satan Clubs” petition, and pass the word on to your friends.

Satan is not welcome, especially not with our children!

Satanists Are Targeting America’s Grade School Children. Say NO!