Saturday Night Live Promotes Sacrilege

January 01, 2022

Even though Holy Church’s Christmas liturgical season ended with the Baptism of Our Lord, we cannot overlook this past Christmas outrage to them and must do everything we can to answer the question: Did I do everything I could? DID I SAY “never again!”

Please send your message of protest against Saturday Night Live’s Christmas skit that showed

  • Our Lady, Mary Most Humble & Pure, gyrating, in a most impure manner
  • …shouting “Praise Jesus! Praise Him!” while cavorting on a stripper pole
  • Baby Jesus depicted as performing a dance movement called twerking
  • St. Joseph ‘proudly’ performing a pimp walk in honor of his being Our Lord’s “baby daddy”


Tell everyone you know. This must be opposed.

Time and time again, these late-night ‘comedy’ shows have canceled episodes that offend the Muslim community.

Yet they allow most things Catholic to be blasphemed, mocked, and degraded without regard to the great hurt and offense given to us.

Here’s what some press reports are saying:

Saturday Night Live” kicked off the Christmas season with a “Hip-Hop Nativity” segment that set Mary as a stripper, Joseph as the “baby daddy” and Jesus as a twerking infant. (“baby daddy: the biological father of a woman’s child, usually not married to the child’s mother or not in a relationship with her.” ~ dictionary. com)

"Blasphemous and unfunny.” [my emphasis ~ Robert] …

“It was provocative, it was sacrilegious and it was revolting.”

For the love of God...we MUST ACT NOW against it! Saturday Night Live must hear from us. God waits on our reaction.

Send your instant and respectful message of protest now.