TELL adidas Sports and…STOP your IMPURE BLASPHEMY.

August 15, 2022

Protest Now

Defend The Honor of the Blessed Trinity
According to press reports

“TikTok celeb Addison Rae and Praying [sic] uploaded images to their Instagram pages on August 3 to promote Praying's forthcoming adidas collaboration. In the imagery, Rae wore Praying's signature "Holy Trinity" bikini, [sic] which is exactly what you think it is”.

“a white bikini which read "Father" and "Son" on the triangle tops. Though she [Addison Rae] did not do a complete body reveal, the bottom of the bikini reads, "Holy Spirit." [my emphasis ~ Robert]

So, the DIRTY TRUTH is, as best as can be wrested from the many thread-bare press reports (as of 8/10, adidas still has yet to comment to inquiries), that has collaborated with adidas sportswear to soon launch Praying’s new “Supernova Cushion 7” sneaker.

To promote this, got the popular Miss Addison Rae to immodestly model it on their Instagram accounts.

21 year old Miss Rae’s Instagram ad insulted enough of her Christian audience that she evidently felt compelled to delete the posting.

According to, “After members of the Christian community [of Miss Rae’s Instagram ‘followers’] accused Rae of disrespecting their religion, the image was deleted.

PROTESTS WORK! I know that and so do you, and with God’s blessing, so much more is possible.

We are strongly protesting to the two “adults in the room”:

  • adidas
  • Prayingg .com
Let adidas know you censure them and let’s get to take down this filthy, blasphemous and impure “Holy Trinity” bikini.

For adidas and to place the Holy Names of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit over the most intimate areas of an otherwise unclothed woman…

…for the entire world to see, MUST NOT be met with silence.

Make your voice heard and demand this be taken down.

To protest this is true charity, and it is what we must do to fight against evil.

Even an article at notes that “Praying’s [sic] clothes are – at first glance – straightforward. They sell tees, slip dresses, and bags plastered with slogans… This juxtaposition between the innocence of the slogans and the sexiness of the design creates a darkness. Praying transforms their simple creations into something more sinister, perverse and wanted.” [my emphasis ~ Robert]

Thank you. And may Our Lady reward you!


Robert Ritchie

Protest Now