No More N.E.A. & Teacher LGBTQ+ Badges…

November 14, 2022

Dear Friends of Christian Civilization,

“The sins which cause most souls to go to hell are the sins of the flesh.” (Our Lady of Fatima to Fatima seer Saint Jacinta Marto before her death.)

The Mother of God was speaking to a 9-year-old girl, warning us to be extremely serious when dealing with issues concerning the 6th/9th Commandments.

As her declared devotees, we must speak out in great numbers.

LET’s REACT! And STOP! N.E.A.’s Satanic Teacher Badges NOW

Here’s what’s happening: “The National Education Association (NEA) is promoting LGBT “sex” and lifestyle among school children through a new badge worn by educators and created by the NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus.

“Along with the printed message “I’m HERE,” the badge also includes a QR code that leads users to the explicit website.” (Life Site News) [my emphasis]

Dear Friend in Christ, with these new satanic badges, the NEA and many of its teachers have made ‘educating’ into a tool for the sexual perversion of school children… with the QR code leading to a Satanic “How-To” guide for degenerate sexual acts.

… so after scanning the QR Code, it’s AS EASY AS 1-2-3-4:

  1. You end up on the teacher union’s LGBTQ+ ‘Welcome’ page and click its very noticeable “I’M HERE” link.
  2. Clicking the SEX EDUCATION link ends up on their Sex Education Resources page.
  3. Clicking the “Teen Health Source” link ends up at Teen Health Sources home page, and very prominently...
  4. …yet very cleverly ‘hidden’ on this page are unspeakably filthy and, beyond pornographic, written ‘instructions’ on performing LGBTQ+ sexual acts to the school children. [Robert]

NOTICE! I CANNOT, in good conscience provide the complete 4th easy step ending at the actual “How-To” Guide.

So, help save America and save our school children!

This How-To Guide, is quaintly written as a list of recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to perform each perverted satanic sex act as a guide for the Queering of America and the world.

Just as Our Lady honored God by her most perfect practice of purity, we too must act to honor God by speaking out against the promoters of impurity in its most vile practices. Especially when it perverts our children!

Bring Our Lady’s blessing upon you and your loved ones and sign our petition now.

“Although only worn by teachers or other public-school employees, the code is accessible to any student who may be speaking to an adult wearing the badge.” (Life Site News)

We all know how damaging the current regimen of sex-ed classes is to our school children, and as a consequence, the morals of our nation. “The NEA [National Education Association] says it has “guided policy” on sex education standards in at least 41 states.”

Evidently not satisfied with that foul guidance which established the current and utterly immoral sex-ed classes in America’s schools …

…we now have reports that the NEA is fully behind its LGBTQ+ Caucus’ efforts to mainstream into our schools the completely degenerate and bestial sexual practices of the recent explosion of LGBTQ+ student populations.

With teachers now adorned with their new LGBTQ+ badges, unabashedly wandering school hallways and proudly presenting lessons of immorality to students across America…

…I need to ask a serious question: Can one dare to not speak out against such a thing?

LET’s REACT! And STOP! N.E.A.’s Satanic Teacher Badges NOW

With Our Lady’s blessing,

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