STOP Steam's Satanic VIDEO PORNIFICATION Of Children!

February 11, 2021

Above, just after their vision of Hell, you see the horrified faces of the three shepherds whom Mary, the Mother of God, chose as seers of her proven and miraculous apparitions in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

In one apparition to Jacinta (above on left), the Mother of God warned, “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”

And yet Steam Video Game Distributors features two graphic and sexually explicit games online, available to young children of all ages.

WARNING: Read with caution; very disturbing

According to press reports, in the games Party House and Porno Studio Tycoon

  • “the sexual encounters are blatant animated pornography, featuring genitalia, ejaculation…sexual sounds, hypersexualized characters, and generic depictions of sex acts.”
  • “STEAM sells and promotes these games to users of all ages and requires only a simple click of a button to pass through a tepid warning that the material may not be suitable for all ages.”

Please show your opposition to this serious offense against God and protect our children by signing this petition.