Amazon has removed these blasphemous Items - Thanks to Catholics like You!

June 01, 2022

Tell Amazon: Hands Off Mary, Most Pure!

OUR LADY, Sold As A Toilet Seat Cover. Say NO!

Please Defend Mary RIGHT NOW.

Amazon, the giant internet retailer, is selling blasphemous bath products that defile and abuse Our Blessed Mother.

The products use a sacred image of Mary, Queen of Angels (Regina Angelorum), for the basest functions.

  • One is a toilet seat cover.
  • Another is a bath mat.

So, in a bathroom one can sit on Our Lady and step on Our Lady? This is not devotion, it’s blasphemy.

Good Lord, NOT on my watch. Please join me and tell Amazon to stop selling these gravely offensive items. This is not devotional nor is it freedom of expression.

A bathroom is simply not an appropriate place for sacred devotionals, above all, used in a blasphemous way

But this? Our Lady is sat upon and directly trodden underfoot!

Amazon has removed similar products which merely featured quotes from the Quran because doing so offended Muslims.

Yet it continues to offend The Mother of God, Mother of the King of Kings Who died on the Cross to redeem Mankind. This is pure hypocrisy.

OUR LADY, Sold As A Toilet Seat Cover. Say NO!