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May 01, 2022

Protest Now

A Summary of the “Habit” film reports:

  • The film dishonors and mocks ‘Jesus’ as being a female, with a nose ring, who engages in salacious acts with a party girl who has a perverse Jesus fetish while masquerading as a Catholic nun in a traditional habit (hence the film’s title) trying to hide from drug dealers she’s involved with.

The blasphemous film, Habit, which portrays Our Lord Jesus Christ as a ‘bisexual’ female committing “salacious acts”, is now released to the public via Amazon and Redbox.

Paris Jackson, a self-proclaimed “fluid” sexual in real life and daughter of the late Michael Jackson, plays the part as a "gender-bending" Christ with a nose ring. reported:

… yet another outrageous and blasphemous movie featuring Jesus Christ. This time portraying Christ as a woman who engages in a myriad of inappropriate and salacious acts while also serving as the romantic foil for the main female character.
[my emphasis ~ Robert Ritchie; ANF]

Tell Amazon and Redbox: NO BLASPHEMOUS REPRESENTATION of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Protest Now