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July 31, 2022

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Copy will be sent to The Most Reverend Laurent Ulrich, Archbishop of Paris, and Madame Rima Abdul-Malak, Minister of Culture; France

Your voice is needed today because the interior beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is under attack. Headlines from around the world confirm the new danger threatening the Queen of Cathedrals.

The Telegraph:
Notre Dame interior faces woke ‘Disney’ revamp – Critics aghast at plans seen by The Telegraph for ‘Christianity for dummies’ trail inside Notre Dame (Nov. 26, 2021)

Fox News:
Notre Dame Cathedral slammed over rebuild plans turning it into ‘woke theme park’ (Nov. 28, 2021)

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The glorious cathedral has weathered wars, persecutions and revolutions. After the 2019 fire destroyed the spire and the structure’s roof, the government decided to restore it to its original state. However, Church officials are now proposing radical changes to its medieval interior. It might not survive modernist “wreckovation” if Fr. Gilles Drouin, the priest in charge of the project, has his way.

When I visited Tibet, I was in awe of all these magnificent temples,” said Fr. Drouin. “I wish I had understood what was going on there. I saw a mystery, but I didn’t have the keys!” In other words, Fr. Drouin suggests he wants a pagan-friendly Notre Dame.

Please Sign to Save Notre Dame Cathedral From This Insanity!

In The Spectator, journalist Harry Mount writes:

“The plans, yet to be rubber-stamped, will turn the cathedral into an ‘experimental showroom,’ with confessional boxes, altars and classical sculptures replaced with modern art murals. New sound and light effects will be introduced to create ‘emotional spaces.’ Themed chapels on a ‘discovery trail,’ with an emphasis on Africa and Asia, will pop up…. The last chapel on the new trail will have an environmental emphasis.”

Many people have criticized the plan saying it would turn the structure into a “woke Disneyland.” Everyone who loves Notre Dame Cathedral should speak up and call for a traditional interior restoration and reject every effort to disfigure its timeless beauty that has dazzled and converted souls to the Catholic Church for over 800 years.

Thank you. And may Our Lady reward you!


Robert Ritchie

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