They Call Our Lady A Prostitute!

May 01, 2018

With All My Heart I Passionately PROTEST

The publisher Drawn & Quarterly, an independent publisher for Macmillan Publishers, has unapologetically published an illustrated book.

According to many press reports, author and illustrator Chester Brown contends:

  • “the Virgin Mary was a prostitute,”
  • “Jesus was in favor of prostitution.”
  • “Christianity is the reason why so many people think prostitution is wrong.”
  • “I think that’s what Matthew [the Evangelist – Ed.] is saying – that the Virgin Mary was actually a prostitute….And that there was some sort of religious association there, involved with religious prostitution and goddess worship and that sort of thing.”, while interviewing him about the book, stated:

  • There’s a lot of nudity here—male and female—and probably a lot more explicit sex than people are used to seeing in biblical adaptations.
    To which Mr. Brown retorted: "I think that people who are most likely to be offended by that are Christians."

This book is an unabashed attack on Jesus, Mary, and on the Christian faith and an attack on the virtue of purity itself.

With All My Heart I Passionately PROTEST