November 01, 2021

Etsy, an online store, is selling its vendors’ satanic and murderous messages on children’s T-shirts.

ONE SUCH Children’s T-Shirt MESSAGE says: “Let’s Sacrifice Toby”

  • The accompanying image is of a conservatively dressed young boy lays prone on his back, legs being held by another similarly dressed young boy; a cute, pig-tailed little girl kneeling to the side of the prone boy holds a large and long-bladed knife raised above her head ready to stab down onto the prone boy! A hissing black cat and children’s wooden toy blocks painted with the demon numbers 6-6-6. And a sort of trademark-ish emblem annotated with “Activities for Children”.

    The image leaves no doubt about what idea they are trying to normalize.

    And Etsy is allowing quite a few vendors to sell versions of this shirt. Here’s one more.

This is dangerous and too much! The “Let’s Sacrifice Toby” shirt unmistakably trivializes and promotes child sacrifice and Satanic murder child-to-child; many children might think it’s a fun thing to do.

Urge ETSY To REMOVE These Shirts
Child Sacrifice and Child Satanic Practices