TV Show Depicts Crucified Jesus as Violent Murderer and Immoral Fornicator!

June 01, 2021

In a sickening episode on Netflix, Paradise P.D., Our Lord Jesus Christ is blasphemed in a most horrendous and impure way.

In the “anti-NRA” episode, “featuring a cartoon character Jesus shilling for the NRA”, the NRA is depicted as showing a video on how guns make the world better. It depicts a cartoon version of Our Lord Jesus Christ nailed to the Cross, with Roman soldiers around Him.

The depicted caricature of Jesus then shouts out a blasphemous expletive when the nails on the Cross turn into Uzi machine guns.

The cartoon ‘Jesus’ then breaks off the two arms of the Cross, jumps down, and proceeds to madly shoot the Roman soldiers while He gets covered with their blood.

What they dare to show next is an even further execrable and outrageous blasphemy!!

According to, the cartoon depiction of
Jesus proceeds to commit immoral acts with two women.


For any reasonable person it is, at a minimum, tempting God.

With All My Heart I Passionately PROTEST