Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel

Sep 29

St. Michael

Patron Saint of Grocers, Mariners, Paratroopers, Police Officers, and Military Personnel

St. Michael is the model of the Christian warrior because of the fortitude which he showed by casting into hell the legions of damned spirits.

He is the warrior of God who will not tolerate the divine Majesty to be challenged or offended in his presence, and who is ready to wield the sword at any time in order to crush the enemies of the Most High.

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St. Raphael

Patron Saint of the Blind, of Happy Meetings, of Nurses, of Physicians and of Travelers

St. Raphael is first mentioned in the Book of Tobit, where he appeared disguised in human form to Tobias, son of the blind man Tobit, and traveled with him from Nineveh to Media.

Raphael's name means "God heals." This identity came about because of the biblical story which claims that he "healed" the earth when it was defiled by the sins of the fallen angels.

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St. Gabriel

Patron Saint of Messengers, Those who Work for Broadcasting and Telecommunications such as Radio and Television, Postal Workers, Clerics, Diplomats, and Stamp Collectors

The message that St. Gabriel – which means “the strength of God” – took to Our Lady is a message that affirms the Incarnation of the Word and therefore the greatest act of power and domination that God could exercise upon the world.

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