St. George

Apr 23

Patron Saint of England and other countries, Scouts, Soldiers, Archers, Cavalry, Chivalry, Farmers and Field workers, Riders and Saddlers, and those suffering from Leprosy, Plague and Syphilis

Though the story of St. George is intertwined with legend, especially the account of him slaying a dragon, the historicity of his life is certain.

He was of Greek origin, seemingly of a noble, Christian family. His father was Gerondios, from Capaddocia, a prominent officer in the Imperial army. His mother was Polychronia, from the city of Lyda, now in Israel.

As a youth, he lost first his father and then his mother, after which he enlisted in the Roman army under Emperor Diocletian. The latter favored him in honor of his father’s service, and George was made an Imperial Tribune.

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