St. Guy of Anderlecht

Sep 12

Patron Saint of Anderlecht, Belgium, Bachelors; Epileptics, Sacristans, Laborers, Horned Animals, & Work Horses, for the Protection of Outbuildings, Stables, and Sheds, & Against Mad Dogs & Rabies

On September 12, Catholics celebrate the feast day of Saint Guy of Anderlecht, a Belgian Christian known as the “Poor Man of Anderlecht.” Rich in the love, generosity, and grace of God, Saint Guy was poor in material possessions throughout his life. He worked tirelessly at the most menial of tasks, and gained a reputation for almsgiving, despite his own lack of the most basic needs. Although he never joined a particular religious order, Saint Guy was visited for spiritual direction by many, and through his model, brought many closer to Christ.

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