Christmas Rally Resources

Keep Christ in Christmas

Public Rosary Rallies keeps Christ in Christmas as atheists attack the Infant Jesus.

The war on Christmas has grown more intense lately. Some simply leave Christ out of Christmas. Others don’t care about it, and still others attack Him in ugly and blasphemous ways and even rent billboards with such blasphemous messages as:

“Keep the merry dump the myth!”

“Make Christmas great again – skip Church!”

God is described as “sadistic” and Jesus as, “a useless savior.”

Our Response

Let’s respond with our own message of love for the Holy Family!

To counter these attacks, America Needs Fatima is doing something very special this Christmas: a Christmas centered Rosary Rally on any day in December leading up to the 25th, in a very public place to honor the Infant Jesus.

Restoring Christmas to America will help lead our nation back to God. We hope you will join hundreds of others and say: YES, I will do a Public Rosary this Christmas.”

If you would like to become a Christmas Rosary Rally Captain, click here, or you can call 866-584-6012 or email [email protected] and we'll help you get things all squared away.

Use the posters below to capture the attention of the public passing by your rally.

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Posters - 24"x30"

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