Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Jul 10, 2015 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

Feast September 10

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino celebrating Holy Mass

In the small Italian town of Sant’ Angelo, a couple prayed for a child at the shrine of St. Nicholas of Bari.

They prayed for a son and promised to dedicate him to God if their prayers were answered. In the Spring of 1245, Nicholas was born.

When he was still very young, Nicholas received the minor orders of the secular clergy in fulfillment of his parents' holy promise.

However, he wished to dedicate more time and energy to God’s work, and in the year 1264 he was accepted by the Augustinian Friars.

By 1270, he had been ordained a priest. He soon became renowned for his generosity and the miraculous cure of a blind woman.

He performed his priestly duties in many different houses of the Order. Once, thinking to remain at a monastery near Fermo, he heard a voice calling to him whilst he was praying: “To Tolentino, to Tolentino. Persevere there.” Without hesitation, Nicholas left for Tolentino.

He spent the remaining thirty years of his life preaching on the streets of Tolentino, converting criminals, comforting the dying and caring for the sick – sometimes miraculously curing them.

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino ministering to a condemned criminal

He died in 1305 after a year-long illness.

Petitions for his canonization began immediately. Pope Eugene IV canonized him in 1446, and his relics were rediscovered in 1926 at Tolentino.