Saint Romaric

Apr 09, 2015 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

Feast December 8

Image: St. Romaric

St. Amatus of Remiremont, a French abbot, converted to Christianity a Merovingian nobleman named Romaric, who, giving up his title and renouncing the world, became a monk at Luxeuil.

Later, Amatus and the new convert established a monastery on Romaric’s former estate in Habendum, Lorraine.

Early in his life Romaric’s father had lost his life and lands at the hands of Queen Brunhilda.

Young Romaric became a homeless wonderer, but at the time of his meeting with St. Amatus, he was again a person of means and distinction at the Court of Clotaire II.

Romaric house

He owned considerable property and had a number of serfs whom he freed upon entering religion.

It is said that when Romaric received the tonsure, several of his former serfs joined him in his new life.

After St. Amatus, Romaric became the abbot of Remiremont (Romaric Mons or Romaric Mount) for thirty years.

St. Romaric died in 653.