Saint Vulmar

Jul 06, 2015 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

Feast July 20

Abbot and Founder of the Abbey of Samer

Vulmar – or Wulmar, as he is more commonly called – was a Benedictine abbot whom the Roman Martyrology refers to as “a man of wonderful holiness”. He was born near the village of Picardy in the province of Boulogne in France.

Although he was originally married, he was separated by force from his wife, and was inspired to join the Abbey of Hautmont in Hainault.

His piety and devotion, even in his humble duties of keeping the cattle and hewing wood for the community, brought him to the attention of the superiors. Upon observation, he was found to be a worthy candidate for ordination and promoted to the dignity of the priesthood.

Later, he obtained the consent of his superiors to leave the abbey and live his life alone as a hermit near Mount Cassel for several years. He later founded the Abbey of Samer, near Calais, where he served as abbot. This monastery was named Saint-Vulmar in his honor and existed until the French Revolution.

Vulmar also founded the Benedictine convent at Wierre-aux-Bois, which was about a mile from his own monastery, for his niece, Saint Eremberta.

St. Vulmar has been glorified by miracles, and his relics were conveyed to Boulogne, and from there to the Abbey of St. Peter at Ghent.