Support Good Actions Whenever Possible

Aug 21, 2023 / Written by: Francis Slobodnik

Today, many opportunities exist to oppose evils in the public square. Whether it be Drag Queen Story hours or the anti-abortion fight, the Culture War is heating up so that the battle seems to be everywhere. The America Needs Fatima campaign (ANF) is often involved in these efforts, which can seem overwhelming.

Thus, whenever good actions occur, they deserve the support of the public. These events can be refreshing and heartwarming. They reinforce the notion that good still exists. America Needs Fatima members consider it important to attend and promote such actions when possible.

Officer Jonah Oswald

On August 7, Officer Jonah Oswald with the Fairway Police Department in Kansas responded to a call at a local convenience store. During the response, Officer Oswald, 29, was fatally shot. He was a member of the Army Reserves, a husband and a father of two.

The outpouring of sympathy and support for the fallen officer in the Kansas City area was overwhelming.

On the evening of August 12, area police organized a massive procession in his honor. America Needs Fatima members participated in the event to pay respects to the fallen officer. They prayed for his soul and family. The contingent prayed that Our Lady will hasten the return of law and order to America.

Law enforcement has been under tremendous attack for the last several years. As a result, recruitment has been lagging. Fewer officers now protect society as crime has risen.

The tragic loss of Officer Oswald triggered a strong reaction favoring law enforcement. His loss made people realize there is a battle between good and evil. The police protect society from evil at great personal risk.

God can bring good out of evil. His intervening grace was readily apparent at the procession. The public lined the sidewalks with flags raised all along the avenue. The mood was somber, serious and solemn, with no laughing or joking. Respectful silence or hushed conversation reflected the gravity of the occasion.

ANF Banners for Officer Oswald

America Needs Fatima members brought flags, signs and banners in support of law enforcement. The large and highly visible banner invoked Saint Michael the Archangel to protect the police. Other signs supported the police, saluted Officer Oswald and offered prayers for his family.

ANF members walked up and down the sidewalk before the procession began and distributed numerous Saint Michael medals. Almost everyone enthusiastically accepted the medals, and some even asked for more. Some out-of-town relatives of the fallen officer approached and thanked the members for their support and asked for Saint Michael medals.

At 7:30 p.m., the procession began under a large American flag hanging between two raised ladders on fire engines. Well over 100 police motorcycles, squad cars, fire engines, ambulances and other vehicles from all over the region participated in the event. During the procession, gentlemen removed their hats and held them over their hearts out of respect.

American Flag at Officer Oswald Memorial Procession

Holding rallies at such events draws God’s blessing since it reminds people of the seriousness of life and death. Such manifestations are protests against the disorder in today’s society. When good reactions happen, it is good to support them when possible.

This event was a very beautiful expression of appreciation for one who made the ultimate sacrifice. The symbolic acts of respect reveal remnants of Christian civilization that still resonate in the souls of many Americans.

May Our Lord, Our Lady and Saint Michael grant graces to everyone who participated and lined the streets to honor and pray for Officer Oswald.

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