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For years now America Needs Fatima delivers to Fatima, Portugal, a red rose for every person who commits to lead a Public Rosary Rally every October, and a white rose for every person who donates toward the nation-wide effort. 


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Every year these rallies are scheduled on or close to October 13, the feast of the last apparition of Fatima and the miracle of the sun. This year, there were 11,247 groups simultaneously praying for our country and the world all across America–2,000 more than in 2012!

Therefore, the roses delivered to the Fatima Shrine for October 13 grow in number each year.

When a gentleman gives his sweetheart a dozen roses, don’t her eyes light up? If he wishes to make a deeper impression and doubles that number, can’t he expect a tear?  Imagine 1,250 times twelve and that is the number delivered this year to Our Lady at Fatima–15,000 roses!

Perfect woman and princess that Mary is, can’t we expect a smile on her lips, and a tear in her eye? Better still, can’t we hope that the sight of that ocean of blooms, wiped a few of the many tears our sweet queen weeps for our sinful world?

Felipe Barandiaran, our European correspondent, generously undertakes the daunting task of securing and delivering the roses to the Fatima Shrine. Maureen Coon and Katie Slobodnik also travelled to Fatima from the U.S. bringing with them three banners inscribed with the number of Rosary Rallies (at the time the banners were printed 11,200 rallies had been confirmed, by October 12, the actual day of the rallies, the number had risen to 11, 247, therefore, the resulting discrepancy between the banner and the final number). On these three banners were also inscribed the names of all the Rosary Rally captains and donors. 

Maureen and Katie were also the bearers of thousands of petitions of ANF members and friends, as well as several candles made from thousands of tiny red candles sent in to be melted into great ones and lit at Fatima. 

“As we entered the esplanade of Cova da Iria, on October 12, the day was cloudy, just like that day on October 13, 1917 when 70,000 awaited the miracle of the sun,”  reports Felipe Barandiaran. As pilgrims gathered around attracted by the amazing number and beauty of the flowers, they were even more amazed to learn what each of those roses represented.

“They could not believe,” writes Mr. Barandiaran, “that each of those roses stood for a group, which, on October 12, at 12:00 noon would be saying the Rosary in the streets of America! They were also impressed by the number of white roses symbolizing each person who donated to make this effort possible!"

On the eve of October 13, thousands upon thousands of people converge on Fatima.  As the esplanade fills with pilgrims, and as night descends, each person lights his and her candle, and the Rosary begins after which the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, on a bier, atop a cloud of white flowers, is processed to the sound of sacred hymns. The white effigy of the Immaculate above a sea of small lights is one of the most moving sights on earth. 

Thanks to ANF and its members and friends, on that day, the Fatima Shrine was adorned with 15,000 extra roses from America for the joy and edification of those thousands of pilgrims.  “Bravo, to the American People!” say Don Felipe, “May Our Lady protect you always!” 







DAILY QUOTE for March 23, 2018

When we appeal to the throne of grace we do so through . ....

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March 23


When we appeal to the throne of grace
we do so through Mary,
honoring God by honoring His Mother,
imitating Him by exalting her,
touching the most responsive chord in the Sacred Heart of Christ
with the sweet name of Mary.

St. Robert Bellarmine

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St. Toribio of Mogrovejo

Shocked at the prospect, Judge Toribio accepted holy orders...

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St. Toribio of Mogrovejo

Born in Mayorga de Campos near Valladolid of a noble Spanish family, and named for the fifth-century saint, Turibius of Astorga, Toribio did not intend to be a priest though his family was notably religious. For his professional career he chose the law in the practice of which he shone. As professor of law at the University of Salamanca, he attracted the attention of King Phillip II who appointed him General Inquisitor.

As the seat for the Archbishopric of Lima in Peru, became vacant, the king turned to Judge Toribio de Mogrovejo as the only man with enough strength of character to rein in the scandals in the colony. Shocked at the prospect, he prayed, and in writing to the king pleaded his own incapacity and other canonical impediments, among them the canon forbidding laymen from being promoted to such dignities. Finally, compelled by obedience, Toribio accepted the charge. After a suitable time of preparation, he was ordained to the priesthood, consecrated bishop, and immediately nominated for the Archdiocese of Lima. He was forty-three years of age.

Arriving in the Peruvian capital in 1581, he soon took in the arduous nature of the task thrust upon him by Divine Providence. The attitude of the Spanish conquerors toward the natives was abusive, and the clergy were often the most notorious offenders.

His first initiative was to restore ecclesiastical discipline, proving himself inflexible in regard to clerical scandals. Without respect to persons or rank, Toribio reproved vice and injustice and championed the cause of the natives. He succeeded in eradicating some of the worst abuses, and founded many churches, convents and hospitals as well as the first seminary in the New World.

Learning the local dialects, he traveled throughout his enormous diocese (170,000 sq. miles), often on foot and alone, traversing the difficult Andes, facing all sorts of obstacles from nature and men. He baptized and confirmed half a million souls including St. Rose of Lima, St. Martin de Porres and St. John Massias.

From 1590 onwards he had the great help of another zealous missionary, St. Francis Solano.

Years before he died, he had predicted his own death. In Pacasmayo he contracted fever but labored to the very end. Dragging himself to the sanctuary in Sana, he received Holy Viaticum and died soon after on March 23, as those around him sang the psalm, “I rejoiced at the things that were said to me: We shall go into the house of the Lord".


Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayer?

I turned to God, but God seems to remain deaf to me. Why is...

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Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayer?

Question:  I pray and pray, but I feel as if God is not listening. We always had a good, peaceful family life, but these last years have been tough. We don’t seem to be getting along and our finances have taken a turn for the worse.

I am so anxious about this situation that, not having anyone to turn to, I turned to God.

But God seems to remain deaf to me. Why is that? In addition, what do I say to certain people, agnostics and atheists, who laugh at prayer, saying it is nonsensical and only a figment of the imagination with no real value?

Answer:  God is faithful to His promises, and God promised to answer our prayers. “And I tell you, ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For every one who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened” (Luke 11:9–10).

If God promises to answer our prayers, He will do so infallibly. But in prayer there are two sides: he who asks and He Who gives.

Our part is to ask. How must we ask?

Saint Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church, teaches in his book Prayer, the Great Means of Salvation that prayer must be persevering and humble.

So many times we hear people saying: “Oh, I used to ask God for this and that and the other, but He never gave it to me. Now, ten years later, how glad I am that He didn’t!”

One thing is certain: God will not fail to answer a humble and perseverance prayer. Whether He chooses to grant what we ask immediately or make us wait, we must trust that He, regardless of appearances, is doing us good. What we think is good and what He thinks is good may be two different things: “My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways My ways” (Isa. 55:8), but here is where we must abandon ourselves to His beneficent will. Our part is to be patient, calm and, above all, faithful, because this is the time for testing and later will come the time for full enjoyment.

Answering Atheists and Agnostics
As for atheists and agnostics, their skepticism proceeds from the fact that they, respectively, deny God’s existence or deny men’s capacity to know God.

In this case, we can only express our regret over their ignorance of this Supreme Being, our omnipotent Creator and loving Savior.

We may direct them to a few sources that may help in their search for the truth of His existence. Atheism and agnosticism can only be sustained in ignorance or ill will because the evidence of God’s existence is overwhelming.

Moreover, God will not hide Himself from those who seek Him sincerely and unconditionally.

Another consideration pertaining to non-believers is this: If God were to grant us absolutely everything we ask at a moment’s notice, such people might start believing purely out of self-interest.

They would look at God as a wand-wielding wizard. And God Our Lord is infinitely more than that. He wants us to know, love, and serve Him for Himself so that He can treat us as children and heirs and grant us unending happiness in Heaven.

"My impression is that the Rosary is of the greatest value not only according to the words of Our Lady of Fatima, but according to the effects of the Rosary one sees throughout history. My impression is that Our Lady wanted to give ordinary people, who might not know how to pray, this simple method of getting closer to God."  Sister Lucia, one of the seers of Fatima.


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I turned to God, but God seems to remain deaf to me. Why is that? In addition, what do I say to certain people, agnostics and atheists,

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