We Stand with Mary by the Cross

Jul 19, 2021 / Written by: Rex Teodosio

Now, Always and Forever

One of the most moving hymns is the Stabat Mater. It describes what Mary Most Holy pondered in her heart as she stood by the Cross witnessing the death of Her Divine Son.

It is easy to imagine the scene around the Cross. Our Lady was not alone on top of Mount Calvary. There were the guards who ensured the state’s will was followed to the letter. There were the Scribes, Pharisees and the chief priests who defied everything Jesus represented: truth, virtue and conversion from sin. Then there was the “woke” crowd, the people, the rulers and the elders who suddenly decided it was more popular to mock Jesus than to proclaim Him as king. Finally there were Mary’s companions: Mary Cleopas, Mary Magdalene and Saint John the Evangelist.

Each group saw a different meaning to the Crucifixion. The guards were there to follow Pontius Pilate’s order and only saw the Crucifixion as a secular event. The crowd and elders saw the event as a failed cultural and philosophical movement. The chief priests saw Jesus’ death as the completion of their plot against the prophesied Messiah. It was nothing more than another act within a long history of defiance to God’s will. They had killed prophets and holy men. Why not the Messiah?


Only Mary and her companions saw its true meaning. Jesus died on the Cross in order to redeem man from original sin, and to purchase the graces necessary for man to turn away from sin and convert to God. His Passion and Death on the Cross was a victory over the world, the devil, the flesh and eternal death.

Her act of standing by the Cross as Jesus died memorialized to all, for all times, what fidelity looks like. For only one who truly believed in Christ could have stood by Him at the height of His apparent defeat.

Bladensburg, Maryland

This battle of meanings was repeated again in Bladensburg, Maryland. At the center of this battle is a forty foot cross erected in 1925 to honor Prince George County's fallen. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June, 2019 in the case American Legion et al v. American Humanist Association et al that the cross is a symbol that “took on an added secular meaning when used in World War I memorials. 1 This effectively stripped the cross of its inherent religious meaning in the eyes of the state.

Following the logic of that ruling, The Satanic Temple decided to claim the cross in the name of all Satanist veterans in a public satanic ritual on July 9, 2021. There were approximately seventy of them dressed in black, many in black robes and some with horned headwear. In unison, they chanted incantations, raised their satanic salute toward the cross and bowed down in adoration of the devil. It may have been the largest public act of Satanism in history. 2 In the satanic event in Arkansas in 2015, there were about one hundred gathered visible in a YouTube video, but it was not a ritual. It was a public unveiling of a statue of Baphomet. The March 6, 2020 event at the steps of the Washington State capitol was a satanic ritual. About fifty participants can be counted in a YouTube video. They certainly take pride in this event on their web site, claiming that it may have made the Bladensburg cross the second most important place of pilgrimage for Satanists worldwide.


Collage 1 - Bladensbury Maryland

It seems contradictory for Satanists to use the cross as the central focus of their ritual. To understand their viewpoint, the event can be likened, from their perspective, to their blasphemous use of sacred objects or even the Holy Eucharist in a satanic black mass.

Once again, in Bladensburg, as on Mount Calvary, there were those who stood with Mary by the cross.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and its America Needs Fatima campaign organized a rosary rally in protest of and in reparation for the satanic act. Approximately 120 faithful gathered to stand by the cross. At the head of our formation was Our Lady of Fatima on a litter carried by four young TFP members in full ceremonial garb. Next to them stood the president of the American TFP, Mr. Raymond Drake.


Up along the road to the right were a mixture of people. Some were elderly who remained standing despite their age. Some were young TFP Student Action South caravan volunteers from as far away as Texas, Colorado and Illinois, who have spent the summer campaigning for God’s cause.

Others were children who happily held a sign asking people to “Honk for the Cross.” There was a grandfather, accompanied by his children and grandchildren, who refused to drink water as an act of sacrifice. There was a girl who is battling cancer, who despite her fatigue insisted upon driving from Ohio to be there.

There was the TFP band, alternating between playing Marian hymns on their drums and bagpipes, and shouting the prayers loudly through megaphones. Everyone stood by the cross with a rosary in hand and prayer in their mouths.

Collage 1 - Bladensburg, Maryland

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There was the TFP Grand Standard flying alongside the Stars and Stripes. It symbolized how the virtues of faith and patriotism are compatible.

The Satanists, in contrast, flew the satanic American flag, a corrupted version of Old Glory having the pentagram in place of the stars.

Collage 3 - Bladensburg, Maryland

All were there because they wanted to stand by the cross just as Mary did at the time of the Crucifixion. On that day, everyone put aside their comfort, entertainment, family and even health to stand with Mary by the cross.

Above all, Our Lady of Fatima was there. She was lifted high on shoulders so the whole world and the Satanists could see Her clearly, since, in the fight against the serpent, no one is more powerful than the Virgin prophesied by God Himself in Genesis. (Gen. 3:15.)

Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, in his celebrated book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution, stated: "Starved not only of food but of ideas, what do these pitiable people understand of the free world? On meeting it, would they not clash with it? And what would result from this clash... an immediate world of total anarchy, of chaos and horror, which we would not hesitate to call the Fifth Revolution?" Events are quickly unfolding in that direction.

And, you, dear reader, when Satan raises his head again, will you stand with Mary by the cross as well?

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  • 2 In the satanic event in Arkansas in 2015, there were about one hundred gathered visible in a YouTube video, but it was not a ritual. It was a public unveiling of a statue of Baphomet. The March 6, 2020 event at the steps of the Washington State capitol was a satanic ritual. About fifty participants can be counted in a YouTube video.