Saint Joseph Works Another Wonder

Sep 28, 2021 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

This story confirms how powerful Saint Joseph is to help us in our material needs. So, let’s ask, and ask, and not just for our material needs either.

More importantly, we must ask for our spiritual needs and for the good of our dear country, which is being destroyed by sin and its terrible consequences.

Here is the story from a member of America Needs Fatima who ordered the Saint Joseph Novena:

Statue of St Joseph

"We received our St. Joseph prayer book about 3 weeks ago. We read through the entire letter you sent and we were inspired to start the novena that day.

"St. Joseph answered our prayers back in 2008 when he helped us sell our home in Arizona 1 month before my wife delivered our first born. This time I was praying for a job. My business is failing and I have been unemployed since March and the unemployment insurance was about to run out.

"We stormed Heaven with prayers and cried out to St. Joseph for a job that I would love to do and that would help pay the bills.

"The day after our Novena ended, I received a message from a Marine I served with 4 years ago. He owns a Pressure washing company and was looking to a hire a new Marketing Director the exact time I asked him if he was hiring! "I am now working as the Marketing Director for the company. God is Great!"

"Thank you Saint Joseph and thank you for the St. Joseph Novena Prayer Book."

From C.K.