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“I’m A Rosary Rally Caller. How About You?”


We have Volunteers that come to Kansas each year to help us make our Rosary Rally Crusades a success.   Here are just some of the many testimonials we have received from our dedicated Rosary Rally Caller Volunteers!  


  • “This experience has been more like a journey; a pilgrimage, and a retreat.”
  • “Being here is like being on a retreat with an active side of spreading the Holy Rosary.”
  • “…Also, I am very grateful to our sponsors who make it possible for us to be here and feed us with generous spreads and enjoyable weekends. May the Lord and Mother Mary bless them abundantly.”


If you would like to join our dedicated group of volunteers, contact our Kansas Office on: (855) 388-1139, or send an email to ANFRosaryRally@aol.com.


more testimonials below

Collage of past Volunteer Callers in Kansas        



“Thank you for the wonderful time we spent doing Our Lady's work in Kansas. Jim called it a working retreat! It was a complete joy working with so many people dedicated to Our Lord, His Blessed Mother and His Church. We were so impressed by the scope of the operation. No wonder we were able to achieve over 12,000 sites! Equally impressive was the manner in which each volunteer was treated. Your care for our every need and desire was truly appreciated. I only hope that we were able to contribute a small part to this monumental effort. I want to thank you particularly for the Miraculous Medals we received the last night and the Masses you had offered for us."

May Mary ever keep us in her care. Sincerely,

~ Mary McInerney; Hershey, Pennsylvania


"Volunteering for America Needs Fatima was "the" best decision I have ever made in my life...seriously.  Our mission, after all, as human beings is to spread God's Word.  Recruiting Rally captains was a way to spread the love and actually see who else was participating tin the Mission!  Because the organization is all about the Blessed Mother, this annual crusade defines us as Catholics compared to other Christians.  Ralling in Eau Claire, WI. is the beginning of a great miracle!  I feel very blessed to be a member.  Just when I was becoming depressed with life, ANF woke me up to see there ARE people out there willing to put up a fight for Christ's love!  Through Christ, Our Lady has done many great feats!  I am honored to be a part of America Needs Fatima!!"

~ Cassandra Bourget; Wisconsin


 "I'm here because I want to be of service to Our Lady and because I love her.  I enjoy meeting people and the comradery that is here." 

~ Bibian Afable; California


 "I was invited by America Needs Fatima via email and I believe the Holy Spirit told me to go ahead and do it!  I have enjoyed it so much and everyone is so helpful and friendly." 

~ Ursula Rhodes; Maryland




 "I love the Blessed Virgin Mary and I get free lodging and free meals."  

~ Paola Saab; New York


 "I received an invitation from ANF it sounded "interesting".  Volunteering adds meaning to the rosary while supporting Our Lady and meeting a lot of people."

~ Greg Koehler; Kansas


" I'm here to help spread the message of Fatima.  It's a way to do something special for Our Lady.  This work can really deepen you spiritual life!"

~ Gaby Gordon; California


"I think Our Lady is calling us to do great deeds in this time of trial in our country today. It is easy to say that we are too busy to set aside time to pray the rosary daily, but I believe that there is no greater weapon for our cause today than the Rosary, which Our Lady asked us to pray daily. That’s why I feel so blessed to come to Kansas to promote the rosary. The people I have met, worked for, and laughed with made this feel more like a spiritual retreat than work.

I know Our Mother has truly enriched and blessed my life and I am confident that she will continue to pour out her blessings as she has promised she would to her faithful children. She is waiting for all of us with open arms and coming here to Kansas has brought me closer to her. It was not a sacrifice, it was a true gift!”

~ Mrs. Patience Francis; Front Royal, Virginia




“I am truly blessed and privileged to be working [volunteering] for the Master’s Mother at America Needs Fatima. It astounds me how Jesus called me to serve Him in His mission of saving souls. I feel thoroughly fulfilled working with the ANF team and volunteers – people totally dedicated to the mission of touching lives across countries and a vision of populating heaven.

At ANF, I am nourished spiritually with the daily Eucharist, adoration, rosaries and chaplets of Divine Mercy. There is a bonding...a love that flows right from the heart of our beloved Mother into everyone here which is so refreshing. It’s wonderful to meet people from different countries and even more special is that all who come are folks who have a deep love for Jesus and His Mother and the purpose of serving God.

Also, I am very grateful to our sponsors who make it possible for us to be here and feed us with generous spreads and enjoyable weekends. May the Lord and Mother Mary bless them abundantly.”

~ Ms. Charmaine Grace Correa; Toronto ,Canada 


“My daughter and I have been coming out to Kansas to help Our Lady for three years now. What an honor it is!

The people we meet from all across the country, our host family the Slobodnik’s, their friends, the office staff members and our wonderful driver Andrew, took us under their wings and treated us as family.

If you volunteer for next year, believe me, as much as you may love your home and family, you just will not want it to end. Many say, including my daughter and me, “We want to live here.” Believe me, once you have gotten a taste of this beautiful piece of heaven, you will return every time you have the chance to get another slice of heaven. It will change you and bring you into a deeper union with Our Lord and Our Lady.”

~ Mrs. Diana Herron from Cincinnati, Ohio





“I do believe that this country can be turned around if enough people get out there and pray to Our Lady to change America. That’s why I became a caller – plus I should include that I was a bit curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of ANF.

I found a truly uplifting experience which I can’t say enough about. I was greeted at the airport by Andrew, the driver for ANF. He brought three other volunteers and I to our apartment in Topeka. The apartment was set up meticulously. It met all of our needs. Everything we needed or wanted had been anticipated.

Mr. Bernard Slobodnik, who takes care of the volunteers, was always right there for any questions we had. The Slobodnik family had fun and educational outings for us to join – some in Kansas City and some in Topeka. They opened their home up to us and made us feel like family. I ended up staying for an extra week and still didn't want to come home.

I wanted my family to volunteer too. I am very grateful to have been called and have already volunteered to come back again next year. If you join me you can bet that it will be an equally uplifting experience and you will see miracles happening every day. Our Lady will be blessing you before you ever leave your home town to go there.”

~ Mrs. Donna Suarez; Iowa, Louisiana 





DAILY QUOTE for November 18, 2018

Better a few staunch and sincere Catholics, than many compli...

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November 18


Better a few staunch and sincere Catholics,
than many compliant with the enemies of the Church
and conformed to the foes of our Faith.

St. Peter Canisius

T-shirts — the new billboard for BLASPHEMY?


St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

During the French Revolution, the Sisters of the Visitation...

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St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Born on August 29, 1769 in the French city of Grenoble, Rose Philippine was baptized in the Church of St. Louis. She was educated at the Convent of the Visitation of Ste. Marie d'en Haut and, against her father’s wishes, became a novice there when she was eighteen years old. However, the French Revolution caused much disruption for the nuns, and when the Sisters of the Visitation were expelled from their convents, Rose returned home.

She cared for the sick and the poor, helped fugitive priests, visited prisons, and taught children. Some time after the Revolution ended, she unsuccessfully tried to reestablish the Visitation community, and ultimately gave the convent to St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and joined the Order. When the Bishop of New Orleans, William Du Bourg, requested nuns for his thriving diocese in Louisiana, Rose and four other nuns made the trip to America in 1818.

Rose and the nuns were sent to Missouri, pioneers of the New World. There, as well in neighboring states, they established multiple schools, built a convent, an orphanage, a mission school for Indian girls, a boarding academy and a novitiate for her Order. However, the strenuous and difficult regime of work for her apostolate took its toll on her body. She died in St. Charles, Missouri in 1852 after spending more than 30 years as a pioneer in the evangelization of the New World. She was canonized in 1988. Rose was truly devoted to God, and prayed in her every spare moment. Because of this, the Indians began to call her “Quah-kah-ka-num-ad,” or "Woman-Who-Prays-Always."


The Conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne

In the midst of this splendor, the Virgin Mary appeared stan...

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The Conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne

Born in 1814, Alphonse Ratisbonne was from a family of wealthy, well-known Jewish bankers in Strasbourg, France. In 1827, Alphonse’s older brother, Thèodore, converted to Catholicism and entered the priesthood, thus breaking with his anti-Catholic family whose hopes now lay in the young Alphonse. At 27, Alphonse was intelligent and well mannered. He had already finished his law degree, and decided to travel to Italy before marrying and assuming his responsibilities in the family business. However, God had other plans for him.

While in Rome, Alphonse visited works of art, and strictly out of cultural curiosity, a few Catholic churches. These visits hardened his anti-Catholic stance, and nourished his profound hatred for the Church. He also called on an old schoolmate and close friend, Gustave de Bussières.

Gustave was a Protestant and several times had tried, in vain, to win Alphonse over to his religious convictions. Alphonse was introduced to Gustave’s brother, Baron de Bussières, who had recently converted to Catholicism and become a close friend of Father Thèodore Ratisbonne. Because of the Baron’s Catholicism and closeness with his turncoat brother, Alphonse greatly disliked him.

On the eve of his departure, Alphonse reluctantly fulfilled his social obligation to leave his calling card at the Baron’s house as a farewell gesture.

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Hoping to avoid a meeting, Alphonse intended to leave his card discreetly and depart straight away, but was instead shown into the house. The Baron greeted the young Jew warmly, and before long, had persuaded him to remain a few more days in Rome. Inspired by grace, the Baron insisted Alphonse accept a Miraculous Medal and copy down a beautiful prayer: the Memorare. Alphonse could hardly contain his anger at his host’s boldness of proposing these things to him, but decided to take everything good-heartedly, planning to later describe the Baron as an eccentric.

During Alphonse’s stay, the Baron’s close friend, Count de La Ferronays, former French ambassador to the Holy See and a man of great virtue and piety, died quite suddenly. On the eve of his death, the Baron had asked the Count to pray the Memorare one hundred times for Alphonse’s conversion. It is possible that he offered his life to God for the conversion of the young Jewish banker.

A few days later, the Baron went to the church of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte to arrange for his friend’s funeral. Alphonse reluctantly went with him, all the while making violent criticisms of the Church and mocking Catholic practices. When they arrived, the Baron entered the sacristy to arrange the funeral while Alphonse remained in the church.

When the Baron returned just a few minutes later, the young man was gone. He searched the church, and soon discovered his young friend kneeling close to an altar, weeping.  Alphonse himself tells us what happened in those few minutes he waited for the Baron: “I had only been in the church a short while when, all of a sudden, I felt totally uneasy for no apparent reason. I raised my eyes and saw that the whole building had disappeared. Only one side chapel had, so to say, gathered all the light. In the midst of this splendor, the Virgin Mary appeared standing on the altar. She was grandiose, brilliant, full of majesty and sweetness, just as she is in the Miraculous Medal. An irresistible force attracted me to her. The Virgin made a gesture with her hand indicating I was to kneel.”

When de Bussières talked to Alphonse, he no longer found a Jew, but a convert who ardently desired baptism. The news of such an unexpected conversion immediately spread and caused a great commotion throughout Europe, and Pope Gregory XVI received the young convert, paternally. He ordered a detailed investigation with the rigor required by canon law, and concluded that the occurrence was a truly authentic miracle. 

Alphonse took the name Maria Alphonse at baptism, and, wishing to become a priest, was ordained a Jesuit in 1847. After some time, and at the suggestion of Pope Pius IX, he left the Jesuits and joined his brother Thèodore in founding the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion, dedicated to the conversion of the Jews. Father Theodore spread his congregation throughout France and England, while Father Maria Alphonse went to the Holy Land. In Jerusalem, he established a house of the congregation on the plot of land where the praetorium of Pilate had formerly stood.

The two brothers died in 1884, both famed and well-loved for their exceptional virtues.  

By Armando Santos  

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In the midst of this splendor, the Virgin Mary appeared standing on the altar"

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