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“I’m A Rosary Rally Caller. How About You?”


We have Volunteers that come to Kansas each year to help us make our Rosary Rally Crusades a success.   Here are just some of the many testimonials we have received from our dedicated Rosary Rally Caller Volunteers!  


  • “This experience has been more like a journey; a pilgrimage, and a retreat.”
  • “Being here is like being on a retreat with an active side of spreading the Holy Rosary.”
  • “…Also, I am very grateful to our sponsors who make it possible for us to be here and feed us with generous spreads and enjoyable weekends. May the Lord and Mother Mary bless them abundantly.”


If you would like to join our dedicated group of volunteers, contact our Kansas Office on: (855) 388-1139, or send an email to ANFRosaryRally@aol.com.


more testimonials below

Collage of past Volunteer Callers in Kansas        



“Thank you for the wonderful time we spent doing Our Lady's work in Kansas. Jim called it a working retreat! It was a complete joy working with so many people dedicated to Our Lord, His Blessed Mother and His Church. We were so impressed by the scope of the operation. No wonder we were able to achieve over 12,000 sites! Equally impressive was the manner in which each volunteer was treated. Your care for our every need and desire was truly appreciated. I only hope that we were able to contribute a small part to this monumental effort. I want to thank you particularly for the Miraculous Medals we received the last night and the Masses you had offered for us."

May Mary ever keep us in her care. Sincerely,

~ Mary McInerney; Hershey, Pennsylvania


"Volunteering for America Needs Fatima was "the" best decision I have ever made in my life...seriously.  Our mission, after all, as human beings is to spread God's Word.  Recruiting Rally captains was a way to spread the love and actually see who else was participating tin the Mission!  Because the organization is all about the Blessed Mother, this annual crusade defines us as Catholics compared to other Christians.  Ralling in Eau Claire, WI. is the beginning of a great miracle!  I feel very blessed to be a member.  Just when I was becoming depressed with life, ANF woke me up to see there ARE people out there willing to put up a fight for Christ's love!  Through Christ, Our Lady has done many great feats!  I am honored to be a part of America Needs Fatima!!"

~ Cassandra Bourget; Wisconsin


 "I'm here because I want to be of service to Our Lady and because I love her.  I enjoy meeting people and the comradery that is here." 

~ Bibian Afable; California


 "I was invited by America Needs Fatima via email and I believe the Holy Spirit told me to go ahead and do it!  I have enjoyed it so much and everyone is so helpful and friendly." 

~ Ursula Rhodes; Maryland




 "I love the Blessed Virgin Mary and I get free lodging and free meals."  

~ Paola Saab; New York


 "I received an invitation from ANF it sounded "interesting".  Volunteering adds meaning to the rosary while supporting Our Lady and meeting a lot of people."

~ Greg Koehler; Kansas


" I'm here to help spread the message of Fatima.  It's a way to do something special for Our Lady.  This work can really deepen you spiritual life!"

~ Gaby Gordon; California


"I think Our Lady is calling us to do great deeds in this time of trial in our country today. It is easy to say that we are too busy to set aside time to pray the rosary daily, but I believe that there is no greater weapon for our cause today than the Rosary, which Our Lady asked us to pray daily. That’s why I feel so blessed to come to Kansas to promote the rosary. The people I have met, worked for, and laughed with made this feel more like a spiritual retreat than work.

I know Our Mother has truly enriched and blessed my life and I am confident that she will continue to pour out her blessings as she has promised she would to her faithful children. She is waiting for all of us with open arms and coming here to Kansas has brought me closer to her. It was not a sacrifice, it was a true gift!”

~ Mrs. Patience Francis; Front Royal, Virginia




“I am truly blessed and privileged to be working [volunteering] for the Master’s Mother at America Needs Fatima. It astounds me how Jesus called me to serve Him in His mission of saving souls. I feel thoroughly fulfilled working with the ANF team and volunteers – people totally dedicated to the mission of touching lives across countries and a vision of populating heaven.

At ANF, I am nourished spiritually with the daily Eucharist, adoration, rosaries and chaplets of Divine Mercy. There is a bonding...a love that flows right from the heart of our beloved Mother into everyone here which is so refreshing. It’s wonderful to meet people from different countries and even more special is that all who come are folks who have a deep love for Jesus and His Mother and the purpose of serving God.

Also, I am very grateful to our sponsors who make it possible for us to be here and feed us with generous spreads and enjoyable weekends. May the Lord and Mother Mary bless them abundantly.”

~ Ms. Charmaine Grace Correa; Toronto ,Canada 


“My daughter and I have been coming out to Kansas to help Our Lady for three years now. What an honor it is!

The people we meet from all across the country, our host family the Slobodnik’s, their friends, the office staff members and our wonderful driver Andrew, took us under their wings and treated us as family.

If you volunteer for next year, believe me, as much as you may love your home and family, you just will not want it to end. Many say, including my daughter and me, “We want to live here.” Believe me, once you have gotten a taste of this beautiful piece of heaven, you will return every time you have the chance to get another slice of heaven. It will change you and bring you into a deeper union with Our Lord and Our Lady.”

~ Mrs. Diana Herron from Cincinnati, Ohio





“I do believe that this country can be turned around if enough people get out there and pray to Our Lady to change America. That’s why I became a caller – plus I should include that I was a bit curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of ANF.

I found a truly uplifting experience which I can’t say enough about. I was greeted at the airport by Andrew, the driver for ANF. He brought three other volunteers and I to our apartment in Topeka. The apartment was set up meticulously. It met all of our needs. Everything we needed or wanted had been anticipated.

Mr. Bernard Slobodnik, who takes care of the volunteers, was always right there for any questions we had. The Slobodnik family had fun and educational outings for us to join – some in Kansas City and some in Topeka. They opened their home up to us and made us feel like family. I ended up staying for an extra week and still didn't want to come home.

I wanted my family to volunteer too. I am very grateful to have been called and have already volunteered to come back again next year. If you join me you can bet that it will be an equally uplifting experience and you will see miracles happening every day. Our Lady will be blessing you before you ever leave your home town to go there.”

~ Mrs. Donna Suarez; Iowa, Louisiana 





DAILY QUOTE for January 18, 2019

To live without faith, without a patrimony to defend, withou...

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January 18


To live without faith,
without a patrimony to defend,
without a steady struggle for truth,
that is not living, but existing.

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassatti

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St. Prisca

A great eagle appeared above her and protected her body for...

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St. Prisca

There are actually three St. Priscilla’s who lived in the first few centuries of the Church – all of whom were martyrs – and two of them share the same feast day of January 18! It is the virgin martyr St. Prisca that the Church primarily celebrates today though.

Prisca was born of a noble family in Rome during the reign of Claudius II. Most likely a Christian from birth, she was arrested during the persecutions when she was a young teenager and brought before the Emperor for questioning. Despite her youth, Prisca courageously proclaimed and upheld her Catholic Faith, even though she knew that by doing so in those days was ultimately the pronouncement of her own death sentence.

She suffered terrible tortures, one of which was being taken to the arena to be devoured by wild beasts. Rather than devour her though, the lions are said to have licked her feet! Finally, she was taken outside the city walls and beheaded. Legend tells us that when she was martyred, a great eagle appeared above her and protected her body for several days until the Christians were able to retrieve it.

The young martyr was buried in the Catacomb of St. Priscilla - the catacomb named after the St. Priscilla, wife of a Roman senator, who shares the same feast day of January 18 with the child-martyr, Prisca. She is said to have opened her home near the catacomb to Christians and to have befriended St. Peter who used her home as his headquarters in Rome. She was martyred during the reign of Emperor Domitian. As an interesting fact, there is probable speculation that this St. Priscilla was a family relation of the child-martyr St. Prisca, who is buried in her catacomb.

The third  St. Priscilla was a disciple of St. Paul and wife of the Jewish tentmaker, Aquila.

St. Margaret of Hungary

She would have no other bridegroom than Jesus Christ,  and...

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St. Margaret of Hungary

Margaret of Hungary was the daughter of King Bela IV, a champion of Christendom, and Maria Laskarina, a pious Byzantine princess. Bella IV being the brother of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Margaret was the saintly Queen of Hungary’s blood niece.

King Bela and his queen, worried about an impeding Tartar invasion, vowed to dedicate to God the child they were expecting. Bela was victorious over the Tartars, and little Margaret was taken to the Dominican monastery at Vezprem at the age of three.

The child thrived in her new surroundings. By age four she had memorized the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At age ten she was moved to a convent built for her by her father on an island – today named Margaret Island – on the Danube near Buda and there she professed her vows at age twelve.

King Ottokar II of Bohemia having seen Margaret at eighteen years of age, ignoring her religious habit, sought her in marriage. A dispensation would have been possible in this case, and King Bela seemed to favor the prospect for political reasons. Yet, Margaret adamantly refused declaring she would have no other bridegroom than Jesus Christ, and would rather cut off her nose and lips.

Margaret’s was a life of astounding penance, prayer and charity toward the poor. To avoid preferential treatment in the convent because of her royal rank, she sought the most menial tasks to the point that a maid once said that she was humbler than a servant.
Her body worn out by the fatigue of long hours of labor, fasting and prayer, Margaret died at the age of twenty-eight on January 18, 1270. The virtuous princess was universally venerated as a saint from the time of her death.


Mary and the Muslim

One night, the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and told him h...

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Mary and the Muslim

Don Octavio del Monaco was a wealthy citizen of 17th century Naples. Like many of his class, Don Octavius had several Muslim slaves in his household. These children of Islam were amazed at the kindness of their “master.” He fed and clothed them better than they received in their native land. In return, his slaves attended to their tasks with diligence, as Don Octavius did not over work them, but assigned them duties in keeping with their dignity as children of God.

If these Muslim slaves had any reason for complaint, it was the gentle persistence with which their master and his wife exhorted them to give up their false religion and become Catholics. Don Octavius even went so far as to invite the slaves to join his family in the chapel to worship the one true God with them!

Our story today is about one young slave in particular. His name was Abel, like the slain son of Adam and Eve. He felt drawn in a peculiar way to a lamp that burned in front of a shrine to Holy Mary. Abel would purchase the oil needed to keep the lamp lit from his own meager stipend. As he continued to practice this humble devotion, he would say, “I hope that this Lady will grant me some great favor.”

One night, the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and told him he must become a Christian. At first the Turk resisted. But she placed her hand upon his shoulder, and said to him: “Now no longer resist, Abel, but be baptized and called Joseph,” conferring on him a name that was very dear to her Immaculate Heart indeed.

On August the 10th, 1648, there was much rejoicing in Heaven, for on that day “Joseph” and eleven other Muslims converted to the Christian faith and were baptized. Their conversion was brought about by the kindness shown by Don Octavius and the special intercession of the Mother of God.

Our story does not end here. Even once this son of hers was safely baptized, Mother Mary delighted in visiting him. Once, after having appeared to him, she was about to depart. But the Moor seized her mantle, saying, “Oh, Lady, when I find myself afflicted, I pray you to let me see you.” In fact, she one day promised him this and when Joseph found himself afflicted he invoked her, and Mary appeared to him again saying, “Have patience", and he was consoled.

From the Glories of Mary, by St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori.

One night, the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and told him he must become a Christian.

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