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Fatima: A Message More Urgent Than Ever

This book provides a powerful account of the wonderful events at Fatima, and the intriguing and subsequent messages to Sister Lucy.


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ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2022

INSIDE: 50 Years Ago…Our Lady Wept in New Orleans • Defending Innocent Children from Drag Queen Story Hour • In Memoriam • Hope for Ukraine

ANF Crusade Magazine Sep/Oct 2017

INSIDE: The Miracle of the Sun: Only the Beginning • Dress According to Your God-Given Dignity • One Hundred Miles for Our Lady of Fatima • The Marian Option

ANF Crusade Magazine Jul/Aug 2017

INSIDE: Jacinta of Fatima: Suffering to Save Sinners •The Father’s Vocation as Head of the Family • A Good Friday to Remember • A Multitude of Roses

ANF Crusade Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

INSIDE: 100 Years Fatima: the Only Solution for Our Times • The Duties of a Catholic Son • To Make America Great, Turn Back to God • Commemorating 10 Years of the Public Square Rosary Crusade