February 2024: Rosary Rally Report

Feb 29, 2024 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

1,000 Rosary Rallies Honor Saints Jacinta and Francisco

In our increasingly secularized world, examples of true supernatural sacrifice are difficult to find. For this reason, the devotion to Saints Jacinta and Francisco serves as an unwavering beacon of hope for countless faithful.

On February 17, Catholics across America honored Saints Jacinta and Francisco in over 1,000 Rosary Rallies promoted by America Needs Fatima—emulating these brother and sister saints by sacrificing their time and effort to lead beautiful displays of public prayer.

The Children of Fatima

Jacinta and Francisco were just seven and nine years old when they, along with their cousin Lucia, became witnesses to an apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

The two devoted shepherd children dedicated their brief lives to prayer and penance, eventually succumbing to the deadly Spanish flu epidemic within three years of the first apparition. However, their incredible faith—and the special graces with which Our Lady rewarded them—left an indelible legacy that America Needs Fatima continues to champion today.

The beauty of their story is not only found in their extreme devotion, but also in their relatability. They were ordinary children faced with an extraordinary call, and they answered it with diligence and loyalty that transcended their youth. After the apparitions, every moment was dedicated to Our Lady, in the hope that their sacrifices might help save the souls of others.

Their example serves as a reminder of how deep faith can transform our lives—something we desperately need to remember today, as immorality and radical leftism threaten to tear our beloved country apart.

Testimonials from Rally Captains

Following in the examples of Saints Jacinta and Francisco, our Rally Captains took to public places all across the country to gather together in public prayer.

Here are a few testimonials and pictures from the over thousand rallies that swept the nation:

“It is a blessing to pray together with Our Lady, the angels, the saints and other brothers and sisters. Praise be Jesus and Mary always and forever!”

Delmar, Iowa
Delmar, Iowa

“Greetings from Hickory, North Carolina! We had a total of about 25 people come to pray the rosary with us.”

“Our Lord and Our Lady of Fatima were with us.”

“We are so pleased to report a successful rally of 59 souls in attendance despite the cold and blustery wind.”

Saint Charles, Illinois.
Saint Charles, Illinois.

“Our rosary was a success!”

“We’ve been committed monthly for a year now. We share a deep love for Our Most Beautiful Mother. Mostly we get positive horn honking and waves. However, one gentleman yelled to me the other day that if I wanted to do something for America, I should join the military as he had done. So he had read our banner from a distance but he wasn’t close enough to tell that I’m 68 years old!! I gently told him that I’m too old but I thanked him for his service. He didn’t seem to want to come closer and backed away in his wheelchair. May Our Lady continue to bless your ministry. Thanks for your support.”

El Paso, Texas
El Paso, Texas

“We held a rally honoring Saints Jacinta and Francisco at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Pinole, California. The rally was attended by 10 faithful servants despite very light rain. Thank you Mama Mary! We love you.”

“Dear America Needs Fatima, this was an amazing experience. Thank you for letting me lead!”

“We had a wonderful rally in Sierra Vista Arizona. Twenty people showed up and we prayed the Angelus to start, then sang all three verses of Immaculate Mary. Everyone was elated and many honked their approval.”

“America Needs Fatima Rosary Rally, Saturday, February 17th, Planned Parenthood, Ft. Myers, Florida. Yesterday we prayed at Planned Parenthood in honor of the feast day of Jacinta and Francisco Marto, the children of Fatima. We prayed for respect for human life and for the petitions that Our Lady asked us to pray for at her 1917 apparitions in Fatima, Portugal. Thank you to those who attended and remember the value of public prayer when you pray the Rosary.”

Hays, Kansas.
Hays, Kansas.

What True Devotion Means

In a time when skepticism is rampant and supernatural dedication is often lacking, the legacy of Jacinta and Francisco shows us that our faith can transform our hearts, if we allow it—and, through us, transform the lives of others.

Their unyielding devotion and humility, despite their youthful innocence, serves as a testament to the power of faith. It challenges modern skepticism surrounding commitment and self-sacrifice to the Catholic faith, encouraging the faithful to stay firm in their principles no matter what secular society says.

We may never know in this life how many souls we touch with our Rosary Rallies. Hundreds of thousands pass by our rallies and we can only hope that the seeds of future conversions are planted in their minds and hearts.

If you would like to join the America Needs Fatima Public Square Rosary Crusade, sign up today to become a Rally Captain. Our Rosary Rallies to Defend Traditional Marriage are just around the corner, and we’d love to have you join us. CLICK HERE to hold a Rosary Rally in your community now.

Header image: Hilltop Lakes, Texas