Fighting under the Banner of the Virgin

Nov 17, 2021 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

In early November 2021, American Needs Fatima mobilized supporters in Wisconsin, Chicago and Indiana to protest an After-School Satan Club that was taking place at Carmel High School, in Carmel, Indiana. It is a very large school, boasting 5,300 students and over 700 faculty and staff. We also sent many of our full-time volunteers to join locals at Carmel to pray in protest and reparation.

What was our surprise when we found out that the Satanic Club was forced to shut down on November 11... just two days before our rally!

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One of our Marian activists received this email on 11/11/21:

“A few minutes ago, Mr. Evan received a phone call from a lady involved with Unite Carmel, the local Carmel, Indiana group that protested the satanic club at the beginning of the school year. She was emotional on the phone. She told Mr. Evan that the club is shutting down! She wondered if we were still going. He responded we were since one of the reasons for the rally is to do an act of reparation.

“Initially, we had feared that doing it [the rally of reparation] on Saturday will give us less exposure. It seems Our Lady moved the target in front of the arrow again. Little did we know that there is a state band competition at the school that day and a basketball game. Not only are students and parents from that school going to be there, but students and parents from other schools as well. The pressure seems to be too much for the principal. What an incredible example of how public opinion works.”

A Necessary Act of Reparation

We thank God for this victory. But we still needed to make that act of reparation. A bus picked up participants from Milwaukee and Chicago, and a crowd of 70 + converged on Carmel High School.

The chilled winds and freezing temperatures would have been discouraging, but many showed up nearly half an hour early to pray. "The day was about 32 degrees but the wind was strong. Some had neglected to wear something for the extreme cold," said Mr. Rex Teodosio, who organized the event. "Instead of returning home, they improvised. One girl was wrapped in a blanket. But since she was wearing flip-flops, her feet were frozen numb. People got whatever extra warm clothing they had in the car and started passing them out to those in most need."

The participants made up for the cold weather with their ardent enthusiasm. "No one complained that it was cold. The spirit of sacrifice was very apparent among the participants," according to Mr. Teodosio.

The prayer warriors prayed six rosaries, sang hymns to Our Lady and used slogans to inform passing traffic about the purpose of the rally.

Many participants were local, though some came from far distances. One couple drove 10 hours all the way from Pennsylvania, declaring "We just knew that we had to be here today to fight for Our Lady."

And where physical presence was impossible, many offered their spiritual support with prayers and sacrifice. "A friend of mine is an alumnus from this high school," a man explained, "he couldn't make it since he lives in Texas, but said that he was going to pray along with us from there."

The rally was a tremendous success, so much so that one man called out: "Next week, we are going to host another rally for anyone who wants to attend!"

"The goal of the campaign was to shut it [the After-School Satan Club] down, to offer an act of reparation, and to proclaim to the American public that society still rejects Satan vehemently," Mr. Teodosio said. "In the process, we also proclaimed to the world the strength of the devotion of those fighting under the banner of the Virgin."

Note: America Needs Fatima would also like to Thank all those who generously donated to help make this Act of Reparation possible.