June 2023: Saint Anthony Intentions Delivered

Jun 28, 2023 / Written by: America Needs Fatima

Your intentions to Saint Anthony lay at his tomb in Padua, Italy

We have all been united over the last few months as we prayed the 13 Tuesday Devotion to our dear Saint Anthony together. Throughout this time, many of you have sent your prayers and intentions to the great Saint Anthony so that they would presented at his tomb in Padua. You have entrusted your concerns, your desires, your hopes to him, and you have also expressed your gratitude and thanksgiving. They are now resting next to him at his blessed sepulcher at his shrine in Padua.

My dear Spanish friend and representative of the Saint Anthony Virtual Oratory in Europe just sent me this report:

Dear friends and devotees of Saint Anthony,

I am honored to have made the pilgrimage to Padua in your name. It was very emotional to know that you were with me in spirit.

Before traveling to Padua, I printed the petitions and tied them in bundles with a red ribbon, and a bow, to be able to present them and put them in a place of honor next to the other intentions and expressions of gratitude that flank the mausoleum.

You cannot imagine the number of small photos, notes, metal hearts, and petitions that cover the panels on both sides of St. Anthony’s tomb. And now your intentions, petitions, pleas, testimonies, and thanks are there too!

Thursday morning, June 29, together with another great devotee of Saint Anthony, my Portuguese friend André da Silva, who was kind enough to accompany me, I had the privilege of crossing the threshold of the Basilica del Santo and place your petitions before his tomb.

St Anthony Intentions delivered to Padua

At the end of the Holy Mass, celebrated in the central nave of the Basilica, we went to the “blessings” chapel, where one of the Friars imparted the famous “blessing of Saint Anthony”. He prayed with us, sprinkled your intentions and pleas with holy water, and paused to read and admire some of your “letters.” “How could our great Saint Anthony not listen to all these pleas made with so much faith”, he told us.

Afterwards, we headed to Saint Anthony’s tomb and prayed for you, we kissed it in your name, and we placed your petitions before our beloved Saint Anthony. There they remain, in silent prayer before the Saint of Miracles. He will not turn a deaf ear to your pleas.

St Anthony Intentions delivered to Padua

Thank you for granting me the privilege of making this pilgrimage on your behalf and I am honored that you spiritually accompanied me to Padua. Please take a moment and enjoy the pictures that say more than a thousand words.

May Saint Anthony bless you and protect you and your loved ones now and always.

Affectionately in Jesus and Mary,
~ Felipe Barandiarán

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